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  1. Jun 30,  · In this particular game of Darwin-esque brinkmanship, the cuckoo basically decided to call the magpie’s bluff and go for the crazy (cuckoo, if you will) option, laying eggs in another bird’s Author: Mary Beth Griggs.
  2. The cuckoo family includes the common or European cuckoo, roadrunners, koels, malkohas, couas, coucals and anis. The coucals and anis are sometimes separated as distinct families, the Centropodidae and Crotophagidae respectively. Below you can see pictures of cuckoos.
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  4. Oct 16,  · Directed by Bert Williams. With Bert Williams, Ann Long, Chuck Frankle, Jackie Scelza. Johnson, an agent for the Liquor Control Department is dispatched to disband a gang of cut-throat still operators on an island in the everglades run by their leader "Doc". He is discovered by the moonshiners and nearly escapes by diving into the crocodile infested swamps/10().
  5. Australian Cuckoos: FAMILY: Coucals. Pheasant Coucal (Centropus phasianinus) The Pheasant Coucal is a large cuckoo similar in shape to the Pheasant. It has a black head, neck and underbody with the upperparts and wings reddish-brown with black and cream barring It moves clumsily through undergrowth and does not fly far. Click to continue>.
  6. The common cuckoo, Cuculus canorus, (usually just called “cuckoo” in countries where it lives) is a spring migrant to Europe and northern sicorwindtusiwar.nvesoddoploposserfsinoxitipopho.infoinfo winters in Africa and southern Asia. It is a greyish bird with a slender body, long tail and strong legs. It looks a little bit like a small bird of prey when it flies. The male is dark grey above with a blackish brown tail, spotted and tipped Class: Aves.
  7. Sometimes common but usually hard to observe, the Yellow-billed Cuckoo inhabits dense leafy groves and thickets during the summer. Its stuttering, croaking calls, audible at a great distance, are often heard on hot, humid afternoons; people sometimes call this bird the .
  8. The cuckoo is a 'brood parasite' - it is famous for laying its eggs in other birds' nests and fooling them into raising its young. Dunnocks, meadow pipits and reed warblers are .

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